Fourth Creative Writing and Academic Writing Competetions

Fourth Creative Writing and Academic Writing Competetions

15 Oct 09:00 - 17:00 - Bougie
Creative Writing and Academic Writing Competetions in Algeria


The CWAWC Call for Contributions
Founder and chair: Dr. Nadia Idri, Algeria

As a scientific committee chair, a designer of syllabi at the BA and Master levels, a workshop designer and presenter, and as a teacher, the founder of this initiative decided in concert for such contests in the Department of English to create opportunities for learners use the language in another way; in a creative way and in an academic style. Creative writing has always been a stimulating field for amateur writers whose intellectual abilities are felt to add new and fresh artistic and aesthetic beauty in its various forms. Incited and stimulated by a knack to write artistically through different endeavors, students at the Department of English, University of Bejaia have shown a great ability in trying their hands in poetry, plays, short stories as well as essay writing. Students, as noticed by teachers and through research study achieved by Dr. Idri-Ahouari, have learnt a wide range of lexis and are seemingly influenced by their readings, music, art and plays to which they greatly wish to see implemented through a creative artistic contest.

As for research, students are encouraged to work in collaboration with their supervisors to transform their master research papers into scholarly papers or write their own papers for the competitions. This is an endeavor to engage both teachers and learners work jointly and transform the fruit of this collaborative work into a product. We aim at finding a space to publish all the works in a scholarly journal. In this, let us quote: Publishing is the chief currency in this universe, the main source of validation of one’s research, and often the key indicator of academic success. Promotion and tenure committees value peer-reviewed publications above all; that is, regrettably, even above clinical performance or community service.’ “Open access anxiety in the “publish or perish” world blogged by Jacalyn Clark” As for creativity, many writers have written about creativity-that genius word that has long been pouring ink. Writers of diverse veins have issued suggestions about creativity as artifact. Here are some selected quotes from some Creative Scholars. We cordially invite contributors to read them for ample inspiration.
 “Creativity is mind teasing, a prime idea that revolves in mind and incites its author to give it a fresh consistent shape.” Tayeb Bouazid

 Write creatively to feed your heart and soul and academically to feed your mind. Share all to feed folk’s existence. Nadia Idri

 “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work” Rita Mae Brown

 “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things” Theodore Levitt

 “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” Donatella Versace

 “There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love”. Sophia Loren

 “Creativity is the Mind Enjoying Itself” Sofiane Mammeri

Rules for the Creative Writing Competition:

 The author’s first language should not be English (i.e. from a non-English-speaking country).
 The author must write in English.
 You can submit a short story, a play, an essay or a poem of not more than 50 lines (free topic)
 Offending topics SHALL NOT be accepted.
 You may submit as many stories or poems as you like, but you can only win one prize.

Rules for the Academic Writing Competition:

 You need to submit a research paper in areas related to English.
 Papers can be written by a teacher and/or a student(s) of English (can be individual or a collaborative work).
 Papers should not be submitted simultaneously to any other competition or under review for publication.
 Authors should guarantee that there is no conflict of interest in the paper they submit.
 Authors are responsible for the content of the papers they submit.
 Authors should respect the form by filling the template and respecting the CWACS requirements

Contributions Submissions:
 Please send your contributions to:
 Submissions will be blind reviewed by 2 to 3 experts.
Important Dates:
 Opening of the Call for Contributions: February, 15th, 2018
 Closing of the Call for Contributions: June, 15th , 2018.
 The Event’s Date: October, 15th , 2018.
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